BYOC 20+ Premium

2 500,00 kr

In the 20+ Premium LAN you will have a calm area with carpet on the floor, big projector screen and free coffee 24/7.

In all Premium tickets we include a food and beverages packages for each day. You will also receive the T2 Mystery Box loaded with stuff.

You must be 20 years or older to sit in the 20+ area.

The BYOC 20+ premium ticket allows you to book a seat in the DreamHack 20+ premium LAN area, includes 1gb/s internet, power and a padded chair.

Your ticket grants you access to all of DreamHack’s activities such as the DreamExpo, Esports area and sleeping area. You can also compete in all DreamHack’s competitions and activities.

Booking fee is 50 SEK per order

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  • 24/7* Event access
  • Premium bracelet
  • Free food 2x /day from different food vendor’s
  • Free beverage 1x /day (2x Monster, 2x DreamHack water 1x Soft drink)
  • Free coffee 24/7*
  • Projector screen showing DreamHack streams
  • 20+ Premium LAN area
  • Our T2 Mystery Box loaded with stuff.
  • 1gb/s internet connection provided by ComHem
  • 1pcs 10amp schucko outlet
  • Table size 120x60cm and 80cm high
  • Padded chair
  • Sleeping area 24/7*
  • All DreamHack activities such as E-sport, Expo and music acts
  • BYOC tournaments
  • Tickets sold after 2018-05-29 won’t get their bracelet sent home due to the purchase being too close to the event.


The Premium seats offer a wider seat than regular.
Premium seats are ~120cm wide. Ordinary BYOC seats are 83cm wide.

An artistic representation of the Premium seats.



The padded chair will be similar to this.

padded chair


* 24/7 as in all hours for the duration of the event