What happened to the old booking site?

Many people have written us wondering what happened to the old booking site. The TL;DR is that it is now replaced by this brand new ticket shop combined with our new seatmap system. Keep on reading for more information.

The old booking site is now retired. It served us for over 10 years, and we decided it was a good time to let go. Being old obviously isn’t reason enough to shut down a site, but the old codebase made it impossible to make the improvements we felt it needed without extensive resources best used elsewhere. For that reason, we’re trying out an open source stack combined with the seatmap system DreamHack uses in North America.

For the DreamHack fans, this will hopefully only lead to a better experience. However, people who are used to the old site might be confused. What happened to my old account? Where do I choose my seat? What happened to my purchase history? Can I gift away tickets? Let’s go through them one by one.

Your old account on “boking.dreamhack.se”

The accounts on the old booking site still exist, and are planned to be either added or merged (or in some cases, deleted) to DreamHack’s new identification system, DHID. For now, users will have to create a new account to purchase tickets (or use the guest checkout flow). More information on this will be sent out by email to the address you provided on your old account. This means your purchase history still exists, and we’ll be making our best efforts to bring them over to our new system. We will also make sure to resolve any support issues related to this when we make the move.

Where do I choose my seat?

For a year now, we’ve been testing a new seatmap system at the DreamHack events in North America. We’re now bringing it over the Atlantic to DreamHack Summer 2018. You’ll be able to choose your seat, and gift your tickets to friends or family, on seatmap.dreamhack.com/dhs18.


Can I still gift away tickets?

Yes! Unfortunately, due to a mistake, all purchases made on the 18th of December didn’t receive an email to the new seatmap system (where gifting/claiming is done) with their order confirmation. We are now enabling it by default and the purchases made before that point will be sent an email inviting them to the seatmap system. We apologize for this and the confusion it might have caused.

More questions?

Our support is open as always. Email us at support@dreamhack.se if you have questions left unanswered. We’re also adding an Intercom chat box to this site so you can contact us even faster.